Safety, health and environment

Operations at Slippurinn shall be conducted in such a manner that the safety and health of workers is not threatened. We systematically work to reduce the impact of the activities of the company's internal and external environment. Slippurinn is aware of its external environment, ensuring a healthy and safe working environment and protecting its employees, equipment and valuables for injuries and damages. Activities and operations of the company follows all applicable laws and regulations that apply.

Negative environmental impact of operations is minimized by:

  • Promote better use of resources, less waste of raw materials and increased recycling. 
  • Strive to choose environmentally friendly products and services. 
  • Ensure that all staff at Slippurinn is familiar with and follows the environmental and security objectives of the company. 
  • Optimize the travels of staff members on behalf of the company with that goal in mind.

The weight 
Values ​​and policies on safety, health and environment should always be kept in mind in any discussion related to business operations. The focus and goal of safety, health and environment should have the same weight as other main objectives of the company in regards to decision-making, such as financial and operational goals.

The company uses preventive measures to realize goals of no injuries and of minimizing the operational impact to the internal and external environments. Managers at all levels are responsible for systematically implementing and supporting the safety, health and environment policy of the company at all times. Managers must promote safety awareness of employees through education and determination. Managers should work closely with their employees to the embodiments and solutions of these issues.

All workers at Slippurinn, subcontracted workers and visitors should therefore follow safetyrules of the company and ensure their own safety and others while they work or stay within the premises of Slippurinn. Personal responsibility of the individual is always there.

EHS issues are regulated by the quality and safety manager of the company. There is also an operating safety committy in the company that consist of two security guards appointed by the managaging directors and two safety representatives elected by the employees of the company.

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